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PPCLINK Mobile Software
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HEdictionary English Korean description
HEdictionary English Korean is a superlative dictionary not only for Korean to learn English but also for English to learn Korean. The comprehensive dictionary contains 5 built-in dictionaries and allows to access to famous Korean web dictionaries - WordRefence, Nate, Yahoo and Google.


A?-A? Smart Searching
A?a‚¬A? Fast and effective with the powerful algorithm
A?a‚¬A? Gather definition from other dictionaries by one search
A?a‚¬A? One tap to lookup word in the definition screen
A?a‚¬A? Auto detect keyword and lookup word in appropriate dictionary
A?a‚¬A? Spell-check for English keywords
A?a‚¬A? Wildcard and Anagram search
A?a‚¬A? Phonetic search (sound-like searching, English only)

A?-A? Comprehensive contents
- NEW! Dictionary English Etymology with 35,500 entries
- NEW! Idiom dictionary with 2,800 entries

A?a‚¬A? Built-in dictionaries:
- English Korean with 92,300 entries
- Korean English with 49,700 entries
- Korean Korean with 120,700 entries
- WordNet 3.0: 200,000 entries, 3.5 million words and 1.7 million links
- Thesaurus with 20,000 entries

A?a‚¬A? Web dictionaries:
- WordRefence English Korean dictionary
- Yahoo English Korean dictionary
- Nate English Korean dictionary
- Google English Korean dictionary

A?a‚¬A? Audio pronunciation for English keywords

A?-A? Useful functions
A?a‚¬A? "Word of The Day"
A?a‚¬A? Favorite & History list
A?a‚¬A? Notes for learning words

A?-A? Note:
The dictionary does not required an internet connection except to view web dictionaries or do Google translation.

HEdictionary A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A«A * A¬AµA“A¬?’A?A?A?a€° A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA«A?A?A«A§A’ A¬*a€zA«*E†A«A?A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A?A«A?A?A«A§A’ A¬*a€zA«*E†A«A?A? A¬E?A?A¬-A? A¬E?A?A¬-A?A«A?A? A«A°A°A¬A?A°A«A * A­*A“A?AµA­A¬A?E? A«A°A°A¬A?A°A¬A?*A«*E†A«*A¤. A­A?A¬A?A?a€zA¬A A?A¬A?A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA¬A?A? A­A?A¬A­*A?A«A?E?A¬-A? 5 A«a€sA?A¬A?A?A«A?A“ A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA¬a€”A?A¬a€zA“ A¬A“A A«A?*A­*A“ A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬*A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA¬a€”A? A¬*A?A¬a€zA?A¬A A¤A­*A A¬E†E? - A¬E†E? WordRefence, A«a€zA¤A¬A?A?A­A A?, A¬*A?A­*a€z, A?AµA¬A?A?a‚¬.

A¬A?A?A¬A?* A­A A?A¬A§* :

A?-A? A¬A A¤A«A§E†A­A A? A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€°
A?a‚¬A? A«A?A A«A?A? A¬a€ A?A«A?a€zA¬a„?a‚¬ A?A°*A«A A?A­*A“ A¬*A’A?A?A A«A¦A¬A¬A¦E? A­A?A?A?A?A?
A­*A“ A«A?E†A¬A?E? A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€°A¬A“A?A«A?A“ A«*A¤A«A?A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA¬A?E? A¬E†E?A¬A§* A?a‚¬A? A¬A *A¬A?E?
A?a‚¬A? A­*E?A«a€sE?A¬A?E? A­?’A­ A¬A *A¬A?E? A­a„?*A«A©A?A¬a€”A?A¬a€zA“ A«*A?A¬-A?A«A?A? A¬A?A°A­A?A’A­*E?A«A *
A?a‚¬A? A¬A?A?A«A?a„?A¬A“A?A«A?A“ A­a€sA¤A¬*A’A«*A“ A«A°A? A¬A?A°A­A?A’ A«*A?A¬-A?A«A?A? A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€°A­*E?A?A?A A¬A A?A¬A E†A­*A“ A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z
A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­a€sA¤A¬*A’A«*A“A¬a€”A? A«A’a‚¬A­*A“ A?a‚¬A? A«A§A?A¬A¶A¤A«A?* A?A?a‚¬A¬a€sA¬
A?a‚¬A? A¬a„?a‚¬A¬A?A?A«*A“ A¬A?A?A«*A“ A«A°A? A¬*A A«a€zE† A?*A?A«A?A? A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€°
A?a‚¬A? A¬a€ A’A«A¦A¬ A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€° (A¬a€sA¬A¬A?A?A«*A“ A?A?a‚¬A¬?’a€°A¬A?E?A«A?A? A¬E?A?A¬-A?A«A?A“A«A§A’ A¬A A“A?A?Aµ)

A?-A? A¬A?*A­*A©A¬A A?A¬A?A? A«a€sA?A¬A?A©
A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­a€sA¤A¬*A’A«*A“A¬a€”A? A«A’a‚¬A­*A“ A?a‚¬A? A¬E?A¤A«**A¬E?A¤ A«A°A“A¬A?A’

A?a‚¬A? A«a€sA?A¬A?A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€zA¬a€”A? :
- A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A?, A¬E?A?A¬-A? 92,300 A­*A­A«A?A©
- A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬E?A?A¬-A? 49,700 A­*A­A«A?A©
- 120,700 A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A?A¬a„?a‚¬ A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A­*A­A«A?A©
- WordNet 3.0 : 200,000 A­*A­A«A?A©, 350 A«A§A’ A«*A?A¬-A?A¬a„?a‚¬ 170 A«A§A’ A«A§A?A­A?A¬
- A¬A“A A¬A?E?A¬-A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z 20,000 A­*A­A«A?A©

A?a‚¬A? A¬*A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z :
- WordRefence A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z
- A¬*A?A­*a€z A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z
- A«a€zA¤A¬A?A?A­A A? A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z
- A?AµA¬A?A?a‚¬ A¬E?A?A¬-A? A­*A“A?AµA­A¬-A? A¬a€sA¬A¬A a€z

A?-A?A?-A?A?-A? New & Noteworthy - iPad app

HiCalc HD PRO for iPad is an ultimate calculator now combining 10 calculators in one: Scientific, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Date - Time, Constants, Tip calculator and NEW modules - Equation Solver, Statistics, Base conversion & Graph. HiCalc HD PRO will make all your calculations become simpler than ever.

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