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JGMsmart.UC - Unit Converter

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important software information
company name:
Marko Reinert
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
JGMsmart.UC - Unit Converter description

JGMsmart.UC is an easy-to-use converter for physical units. 16 dimensions and around 220 units are installed.
When a specific conversion is missing, it can be added with a built-in editor easily.
For calculating the conversions a build-in expression parser is used. Thereby it is possible to realize complex conversions.
Unused units or quantities can easily be hidden so that they no longer appear in the selection fields. Frequently used conversions can be organized into favorites.

And many more. Try it out!

- 16 dimensions included (length, area, volume, speed, energy, pressure, data storage ...)
- over 220 units included
- expandable with built-in editor
- built-in expression parser (operators +, -, *, /, ^) (functions: sin, cos, tan, sqrt, log)
- order of appearance in the selection boxes is configurable by drag and drop
- hiding of unused units or dimensions
- often used units in favorites organizable
- copy of the values a€‹a€‹in the pasteboard configurable (only result, input and result, with or without units)
- copy automatically or manually to the pasteboard
- Conversion window with configurable background
- Transparency of windows customizable

Education - Jgmsmart Uc - Unit Converter - Marko Reinert
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JGMsmart.UC - Unit Converter
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