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Learn Dinosaurs

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Live Doodles, LLC
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Learn Dinosaurs description
Learn Dinosaurs is a fun way to learn about these enigmatic and lovable former inhabitants of Earth!

Flash cards present beautiful renditions of what each dinosaur may have looked like, as well as vital statistics and interesting facts. Solidify your newfound dino-knowledge through the accompanying dino-quizzes.

What you get:
* 30 Dinosaurs completely free! (total of 211 available)
* Each card has the following information:
- Audio pronunciation of the name
- Average size (weight, height, length)
- Diet
- How long ago and in what period the dinosaur lived
- Where the dino's fossils have been found
- The meaning of its name
- A random fact about the dinosaur!
* Search feature lets you quickly navigate to your favorite dinosaurs
* Dinosaur quizzes test your dino-knowledge
* Ability to sort the dinosaurs by name, time period, size, and more!
* Groups so you can pick your favorite dinosaurs and see which have been the toughest in quizzes

No matter your age, Dinosaurs! has something for you. Search through the database of dinosaurs by name or location to find the one you love, or enjoy watching your child flip through the cards and making them roar!

Try out the app, with no risk whatsoever! If you like it, upgrade to the full version to get 211 dinosaurs and become a Dinosaur Master! Pay once and get the upgrade on all your devices!

If there is anything you don't like or are having trouble with, don't hesitate to send us feedback - use the email button with the app, or email us at We love hearing from you!

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Learn Dinosaurs
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