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Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

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InterAction Education
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Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game description
**Winner of BEST EDUCATIONAL GAME OF 2011 (2nd Place) in the Best App Ever Awards.
* *The holy grail of edutainment math apps.* Editors Choice, 5/5 Score -Best Apps for Kids
** *A must-have game app for kids...An excellent way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division via fun and interactive game play.* - Fun Educational Apps**

Finally, Math Evolve is available on your desktop or laptop computer!


This revolutionary app provides a fun and engaging way to practice math facts, number sense, and mental math skills. Math Evolve is for ages 6 and up, but is challenging and fun even for adults.

***The most fun and engaging math app on The App Store
**Improves multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills.
**Hours of content that can be customized for children of all ages.
**Gain valuable performance statistics to help students improve. **

In *Story Mode*, players embark on an epic math adventure across three unique environments: microscopic, ocean, and space. The *Practice Mode* is a fully-featured platform for learning math facts, and can be used in the home or classroom to provide highly customizable and engaging math practice. Math Evolve is already being enjoyed by students around the world, and parents and teachers alike are praising it as *revolutionary* and *extremely engaging.*

**See the preview video and get more information at

***Unlike other math apps and flashcards that quickly become boring, Math Evolve combines math practice with an arcade-style game that kids actually love to play.
**Beautiful Artwork and high-quality music make Math Evolve the premier math game on the App Store.
*Math Evolve is more complex and varied than other math games, with 12 unique levels, 19 different enemies, and 6 challenging bosses that can be played on 3 difficulty settings***.
***Story Mode* lets you set the difficulty of the math and the game independently, making Math Evolve fun and educational for players of all ages and abilities.
**The *Player History* section saves every player*s performance, showing parents and teachers which math facts a child needs to practice. Math Evolve supports up to 5 player profiles.*
**Practice Mode* allows a parent or teacher to choose exactly which math facts are being practiced and monitor a child*s progress.*

** "Math Evolve is the perfect math app for kids because it is fun and educational. The beautiful graphics, music, and exciting game play will make your child forget they are learning and excited about math!"*
***Math Evolve is a rare app indeed. It is all about math but the game play is so immersive, so engaging, that the math is tackled enthusiastically* Perfect 5/5 Score,
****Math Evolve has really pushed the envelope...Students in the classroom raved about this game. All in all, this is the future - we*re sure of that!* -*

***This app does NOT REPORT ANY USER DATA. All performance data is stored on your device.
**This app does NOT feature any in-app purchases.
**This app does NOT contain any advertising.
**This app does NOT contain any external links.

**Zephyr Games and InterAction Education are members of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

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Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game
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