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My First Calendar description
My First Calendar is an interactive educational app that helps your children learn their days, months, seasons and holidays in English, French and Arabic - in various dialects!

Children can customize their daily calendars in any of the languages, as well as listen to and learn different pronunciations. Colorful illustrations, interactive drag-and-drop icons and additional special features make it fun to learn and easy to use.

- High-quality, colorful and child-friendly.
- Interactive drag-and-drop icons with an auto-correct option.
- 3 languages to choose from and a live speaker for optimized learning and pronunciation.
- Easy-to-use doodle board.
- Screen-capture option lets children save and review their calendars, doodles and more. (Saves to Photos)
- Icons for special occasions and activities to customize and personalize calendars.
- Choose a season and watch the app theme change with it!

A new yearly planner, where kids can save important dates like their friend*s birthdays with both text and pictures.

A bigger canvas for doodling that comes with multiple colored pens.
Kids can take or import pictures from their iPad and draw over them and also save a doodle to an event on the new yearly planner.

Kids can now switch between languages within the app

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