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MyVisualizer-GL(FREE) description

A limited-function version of MyVisualizer-GL 3.0
A 3D real-time sound visualizer with using latest Apple Computer technology.
Enjoy it with every kind of music.:
*You can select style, color, view position and many other parameters.
*Drag&Drop start, Background Image import, User Setting and other functions
A¦A“a‚¬A¦-A°A?A?*A??’a€ A?a€sA?A??’A?A??’A­A?a€sA?A?A?A«A?a€sE†A?a€s*3DA??’A?A?a€sA?A??’A«A?a€sA?A?a€sA¤A??’A A??’*A?a€sA?A??’A?A?a€sA?A??’A©A?a€sA¤A?a€sA¶A??’A?A?A?A§A?A?a„?A?a‚¬a€s
A?A?a€sA?a€sa€°A?a€sa€ A?a€s*A?a€sA?A??’A?A??’A?A??’A«A?A?*A©A?A?A¦A?A?A?a€s*A¦E?A A??’A?A?A’-A?A?a€”A?A?A¦A?A?A A¦A?A?A?A?a€”A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A A?A?*A?A?a€zA?a‚¬a€s
A??’A»A??’a€°A??’A©A??’?’A?a€sA°&A??’a€°A??’A­A??’?’A??’a€”A?Aµ*A?**A?a‚¬A?A??’A’A¦a„?A?A§*A»A??’A?A?*A?A?A *A?a‚¬A?A??’A¦A??’A?A?a€sA¶A?A?A­A?*A?A?A?A?A?A?A©A?A?*A¦A©A?A??’A?

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