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PCB-ST SE500 description
McCAD PCB-ST SE500 is the scholastic edition of the McCAD Pro Series. It is an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does layout work and requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips.**
McCAD PCB-ST SE500 is net list driven and supports full forward and backward annotation of all net and component attributes passed to and from our McCAD Schematics SE500 (available separately). Cross checking is a snap. PCB-ST contains many intelligent features such as auto via insertion, design rule checking, dynamic place, auto ground plane creation, and auto thermal dispersion.

Additional support tools are available separately from the developer's site which can be added to simplify the design process.

Unlike the FREE Lite version this Educational version has larger project design size capability. In this Educational version you can tackle designs up to the size of the original Apple I Replica computer. Complete set of design documents for the Apple I Replica project are included.

SE500 project limits are controlled by the memory allocations available to the editing buffers. For the SE 500 series this means up to about 450 pins depending upon the design complexity.

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