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Peekaboo Ocean

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Touch & Learn
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Peekaboo Ocean description

PLAY A TUNE with the musical Starfish, GO FOR A SPIN with the Octopus, DIVE, DIVE, DIVE with the Yellow Submarine, BLOW BUBBLES with the Jellyfish, GO FOR A RIDE with the galloping Seahorses*. and much more!

* Learning that*s FUN

Younger children will love the discovery of a new sea creature, a new animation, a new sound. Older children will enjoy learning the names of each creature and interacting more fully with each*

- Delight your children whilst encouraging cognitive, language and motor skill development.
- Touch, explore and discover fun surprises in the captivating, interactive illustrations.
- Beautiful music, visuals and sound effects throughout.
- Try to guess who*s hiding beneath the waves*
We are a newly formed company whose sole purpose is providing QUALITY interactive children*s early years software.

As parents ourselves we*ve struggled to find suitable teaching software. It is for this reason we created *Touch & Learn*.

Our background is in both teaching and design. With over 30 years combined experience we feel we have both the relevant expertise and experience to guide both parents and children through those challenging early years of development.
If you have any questions, queries, problems, suggestions or complaints do not hesitate to contact us. We will endeavour to address them with a direct response or future software updates.

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Peekaboo Ocean
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