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Geir Larsen
license: Shareware
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PhraseStress description

PhraseStress - the ultimate toy for learners of English!
Or if you just want to have fun with words.

In this app you play with idioms and make your language skills soar.

"This app would be great for classroom teachers, speech/ language pathologists, tutors, and parents looking for educational apps for their kids. We all know that learning idioms can be a real tough cookie to learn- sorry, I had to throw that in there! With this app, the students can have fun while learning all about idioms." - Simply Speech (US SLP-blog) review

"What I Like About This Application:
-There are three different ways to work on idioms which allows for you to choose the practice style appropriate for the student.
-There are multiple settings to choose between to choose the appropriate level of difficulty for the student.
-Idioms are defined as well as put in a sentence which is great for teaching idioms.
-There are 350 idioms, which is absolutely amazing!" -Consonantly speaking (US SLP-blog) review

Idioms are phrases that have special meanings that differ from what the words actually say, like "kick the bucket" or "face the music". Knowing such phrases improves your English, and gives you a better understanding of the language.

PhraseStress helps you learn 350 of these while having fun. You set your own speed and difficulty, and can compete with yourself or your friends.
Use the built-in idiom browser to read explanations and examples of usage.

Education - Geir Larsen - Phrasestress
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    Mac OS X
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price $1.99
version 1.0.1
user rating 9/10
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