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PronounceIt! Audio

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Edward Conrad
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PronounceIt! Audio description

PronounceIt! Audio is a pronunciation tutor. Test how well you speak in a foreign language and learn how to improve it.

The application takes the foreign language voices from your computer and compares their speech to your pronunciation. It does this by looking at pitch. Pitch is the up and down in our voice as we speak. We use it to determine word-meaning, sentence style, and pronunciation. The closer your pitch is to the foreign language, the more native you sound when speaking it.

Version 1.0 of this application includes many features to help test your pitch. This includes automatically stoping once you stop recording your voice. It also includes switching text-to-speech engines and even adding more engines through your operating system. The application also allows you to compare your voice to the foreign voice by playing them. It grades how well you did right on the spot.

Future updates will include continued advances in voice comparison and pitch detection. Also in the works is a feature to breakdown the segments of your voice to improve your pronunciation even more!

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PronounceIt! Audio
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