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SCOtutor for iBooks Author description
A?-A» Let SCOtutor for iBooks Author show you how to create your own interactive iBooks for the iPad with this easy to follow study guide.
A?-A» Over 30 lessons with nearly two hours of HD video tutorials - "... a top class tutorial on how to use iBooks Author"
A?-A» SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including...

A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?* "Excellent overview of iBooks author - I have found this app to be an excellent help whilst conducting research in to iBooks Author. I wnated to know if it was within my capababilities to produce my own iBook on a project that I currently have an idea about. Take a look BEFORE you start production, this will save you time and heartache!" - by Airsteal

A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?* "Brilliant - ... I bought this app and very shortly afterwards I was able to publish my first ever interactive book. The tutorial takes you in your own time through the basics and allows you to very quickly create your very own interactive book. Every time I review it I learn a little more, it's so easy to just dip in and out of. Highly Recommended" by GeneralAdz

A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?*A?E?* "iBooks Author Overview - The tutor is extremely well paced, gives guidance on how to create/convert some relevant content types outside the application for as well as format the content within the application. The whole tuturial is also indexed so you can jump between sections and overall it is extremely well put together with a professional voiceover. I thoroughly recommend this for people who haven't used the application and want a quick way to get going." by Richtbiscuit09

Just a sample of the actual 5 star reviews given to SCOtutor for iBooks Author from App Stores across the globe


Let SCOtutor for iBooks Author show you how to create your own interactive iBooks for the iPad with this easy to follow study guide.

iBooks Author allows you to create stunning interactive iBooks full of rich text, glorious images as well as groundbreaking new interactive elements. This SCOtutor study guide takes you through the basics of creating your own interactive iBooks using the new iBooks Author application in simple, easy to master lessons. It's never been easier to create engaging and beautifully designed iBooks, and now you can include powerful, yet easy to master, interactive elements.

If viewing on Mountain Lion Macs with Airplay Support, you can even view the tutorial on your HDTV via an Apple TV.

Keep SCOtutor for iBooks Author in your Dock or on your Desktop, and use as a quick reference guide - when you exit and restart the app, it remembers your position, and restarts just where you left it!

Comprehensive iBooks Author Training Course
The SCOtutor app is organised into over 30 lessons.
A?a‚¬A? Introduction
A?a‚¬A? iBooks Author - Overview
A?a‚¬A? iBooks Author User Interface
A?a‚¬A? Sample iBook
A?a‚¬A? Previewing on the iPad
A?a‚¬A? Misc Controls
A?a‚¬A? Exploring The Book Pane
A?a‚¬A? Creating Your First iBook
A?a‚¬A? Document Structure
A?a‚¬A? Entering Text
A?a‚¬A? Formatting Text
A?a‚¬A? Adding Images
A?a‚¬A? Adding Captions
A?a‚¬A? Shapes, Tables and Charts
A?a‚¬A? Adding Shapes
A?a‚¬A? Adding Tables
A?a‚¬A? Adding Charts
A?a‚¬A? Adding Interactive Elements
A?a‚¬A? Photo Gallery
A?a‚¬A? Adding Media - Audio
A?a‚¬A? Adding Media - Video
A?a‚¬A? Review Questions
A?a‚¬A? Adding Keynote Presentations
A?a‚¬A? Image Widget
A?a‚¬A? 3D Widget
A?a‚¬A? HTML Widget
A?a‚¬A? Linking, TOC & Glossary
A?a‚¬A? Creating Links
A?a‚¬A? Table of Contents
A?a‚¬A? Creating a Glossary
A?a‚¬A? Exporting & Publishing
A?a‚¬A? Sharing Using iBooks Format
A?a‚¬A? Exporting to PDF
A?a‚¬A? Publishing via iBookstore

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SCOtutor for iBooks Author
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