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Sunnah The Cat : Islamic Story

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Sunnah The Cat : Islamic Story description
Join Sunnah the Cat on his Islamic adventure! Watch him as he handles every situation with a smile, always having the remembrance of Allah on his mind. This Islamic cat will spread a smile across both adults and kids alike with his brilliant and pious attitude. Sunnah the Cat not only has an amazing storyline, it will also give you and your family a great deal of Islamic knowledge in a fun and educating way!

A‚* HD graphics
A‚* 25 Pages of fun !!
A‚*A‚A A friendly way to learn about Islam
A‚*A‚A Full of beautiful manners
A‚*A‚A Teachings from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
A‚*A‚A Encourages children to follow the Quran and Sunnah.
A‚*A‚A Humorous storyline
A‚*A‚A Teaches Islamic morals
A‚*A‚A Encourages children to believe and trust in Allah
A‚*A‚A The 5 Pillars of Islam
A‚*A‚A The importance of Jummah
Designed for all ages!
A?A“* Suitable for young kids and teenagers
A?A“* Suitable for Adults

Visit for support.

Make the most of your Apple device for you, your children or anybody who wants to get closer to Allah in a fun and Islamic way!

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Sunnah The Cat : Islamic Story
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