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Tether - The Interactive Whiteboard

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Tether - The Interactive Whiteboard description
Present from a new perspective with Tether.


Tether connects your iPad to any Mac computer, enabling you to present, teach or demo from anywhere in the room.

The Tether Mac OS app + Tether iPad app work in tandem, so you*ll need both to get started. The Tether iPad app is available for download on the iTunes App Store:

Tether connects your computer screen to your iPad, allowing you to control the presentation easily, intuitively and from anywhere in the room. When tethered, your stationary computer responds in real time, so what you do on your iPad instantly shows up on the main display.

Tether makes it easy to remotely control your computer by turning your iPad*s screen into a mobile track pad. There*s no monthly service charge, and you don*t need extra equipment - just the Mac OS app, the iPad app and a simple Wi-Fi connection.

You can link up to virtually any Mac OS computer, from desktops and laptops to tower-controlled projectors. The interface is simple, intuitive and uses same screen gestures that you already know and enjoy.
* Single tap + drag to move the cursor
** Double tap to select*
* Double tap + hold to drag your selection
** 2-finger single tap to trigger the right-click menu
** 2-finger drag to scroll in any program*
* Pinch and Spread to zoom in and out
Tether enables you to interact with your audience while operating fluidly among them. For those who find movement conducive to their work, Tether allows you to move about the room without delaying your lesson plan or breaking your rhythm.

Control your classroom from the back and minimize the distractions. Bring the podium directly to your students and interact with your class like never before.

We are proud to call Tether a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at And if you have an idea for an app that you*d like to see on the App Store someday, visit
For a demonstration on how to enable Tether: The Interactive Whiteboard on your Mac, please see our demo video:

Please visit our Facebook page, and tell us how you Tether:

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Tether - The Interactive Whiteboard
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