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Twinkl Phonics Phase 1 (Alphabet Letter Names & Sounds)

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Twinkl Limited
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Twinkl Phonics Phase 1 (Alphabet Letter Names & Sounds) description

Whether you are a teacher who wants to use this App to enhance children*s learning alongside your letters and sounds sessions, or a parent who wants to support your child*s learning of phonics at home, this App has something for everyone!

This Twinkl phonics App is designed to support children in developing some of the key skills taught in Phase 1 of the DfES Letters and Sounds Document. Activities are presented in a fun, child friendly way (with lovely twinkl artwork) and cover the following:

The sounds and names of each letter of the alphabet,
Letter formation.

Education - Twinkl Limited
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Twinkl Phonics Phase 1 (Alphabet Letter Names & Sounds)
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