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Video Tutor for TI-84 Calculator

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Math Tutor DVD, LLC
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Video Tutor for TI-84 Calculator description
NOTE: This is not a TI-84 Calculator App. It is 8 Hours of detailed video tutorials to help you learn how to unlock the full power of your TI-84 Graphing Calculator!
The TI-84 Calculator is a powerful calculator from Texas Instruments that can handle many advanced math functions that are used in science, engineering, and high school AP classes. Unfortunately, the calculator itself can be difficult to use if the student doesn't take the time to learn the functions.
This 8 hour set of video tutorials will teach the student how to use the algebra and graphing functions of the TI-84 using step-by-step video examples. This way, the student learns by doing rather than a dry manual!
After learning how to use the TI-84 you'll be more confident on exams, able to check your work more easily, feel better prepared for homework, and do better on the SAT and other standardized exams.
1: Overview of the Calculator
2: The Mode Menu
3: Basic Arithmetic and Exponents
4: Logarithms and Square Roots
5: Sin, Cos, Tan
6: Scientific Notation and Storing Variables
7: The Math Menu and Catalog Menu
8: Convert between Fractions and Decimals
9: Finding the Min and Max of a Function
10: Calculating Derivatives and Integrals
11: Absolute Value, Rounding, and Integers
12: Converting between Degrees and Radians
13: Working with Complex Numbers
14: Using the Equation Solver
15: Graphing and Tracing Functions
16: Using Tables and Split Screen Modes
17: Find the Exact Value of a Function Using Graphing
18: Finding the Zeros of a Function using Graphing
19: Finding the Max and Min of a Function using Graphing
20: Finding Intersections of Functions using Graphing
21: Finding the Derivative of a Function by Graphing
22: Calculating the Definite Integral by Graphing
23: Drawing on a Graph
24: Graphing and Tracing Sequences
25: Graphing and Tracing Parametric Equations
26: Converting between Rectangular and Polar Coordinates
27: Graphing and Tracing Polar Equations
28: Permutations, Combinations, and Factorial
29: Working with Histograms and Box Plots
30: Graphing Statistical Scatter Plots
31: Calculating Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, and more
32: Performing Statistical Regression
33: Calculating with Matrices
34: Solving Systems of Equations with Matrices
35: Calculating Interest Rates
36: Calculating Mortgages and Loans
37: Calculating Savings and Investments
NOTE: These lessons have been available for years in DVD format and have helped thousands of students master the TI-84 and do better in Math and Science courses.. Feel free to search Amazon for "TI-84 Calculator Tutor" and read the amazing student feedback that we've received over the years.
Now is your chance to own the same lessons on your Mac at a savings over the DVD price!

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Video Tutor for TI-84 Calculator
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