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Wise Owl Apps, LLC
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Wheel of Wits description
Wheel of Wits is a highly engaging, vocabulary and concept building game that is guaranteed to enhance student learning. With Wheel of Wits, students demonstrate their learning by answering questions and writing on a whiteboard, and then spinning the wheel to solve word puzzles related to your lesson.

Wheel of Wits addresses the key research findings in engaging students to enhance learning: have students actively participate in observing, speaking, writing, listening, thinking, drawing and doing!

Key Features:

A?A“* Use the whiteboard to ask questions you want students to answer.
A?A“* Create your own word puzzles for students to solve.
A?A“* Select up to four teams to play.
A?A“* Word puzzle templates can be saved and used with multiple classes.
A?A“* Games can be saved and resumed.
A?A“* Spinning the wheel increases student engagement and thus learning.
A?A“* The Mac app manages when students can write on the whiteboard and spin the wheel on the iPad app.
A?A“* All activity done on the iPad is mirrored on the Mac.
A?A“* Connect the Mac to a projector and the entire class can observe studentsA?a‚¬a„? thinking and the game board.

The companion app, Wheel of Wits for the iPad, is required for game play. A‚A Students use the companion iPad app to write on the whiteboard and spin the wheel. Both the app for the Mac and for the iPad must be connected to the same wireless network.

Wheel of Wits is destined to become your most engaging lesson resource to enhance student learning. You'll enjoy using the game to enhance student learning as much as your students will enjoy playing it.

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