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WolfReader : a clear interface for WolframAlpha

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Jeremy Vizzini
license: Shareware
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WolfReader : a clear interface for WolframAlpha description
WolfReader is an application that gives you the power of Wolfram | Alphaa„? with a simple, stylish and clear interface.
The near-unlimited power of Wolfram | Alphaa„? covers a wide range of areas: mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics and more. It can also solve your equations or provide a weather forecast.
WolfReader lets you focus on your work and increase your productivity. You can carry out multiple simultaneous searches in separate windows and easily view the results thanks to the dedicated viewer window. The application contains a search history and a manager for your favorites. What*s more, the application can save your searches as PDFs, giving you access to your previously saved searches even when working offline.
WolfReader, with its elegant interface, is quite simply the killer application to simplify the lives of scientists and students alike.

The developer of this program has no affiliation whatsoever with Wolfram | Alpha LLC. The Wolfram | Alpha a„? computational knowledge engine can be accessed via a traditional web browser via the URL:

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WolfReader : a clear interface for WolframAlpha
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