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Writing Numbers

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Magmentis Ltd.
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Writing Numbers description
The eco-friendly counting and writing application

WRITING NUMBERS is the latest edition of this very popular educational software featuring our award winning Smudge the Spaniel. Children will love learning how to count Smudge*s favorite objects whilst also learning how to write numbers.

A unique experience teaching how to write numbers
The possibility of practising as many times as your children wishes, without the need for new paper or new crayons
Click-to-count interactive exercises with engaging animations
A product available in four different languages
Full instructions developed by educational experts
The proven quality of a successful product with a long history of use in schools

Also works great with the Magic Trackpad from Apple!

With a new interface, renewed graphics, this product adapts to your child's developmental needs, improving writing skills whilst teaching how to count in a fun and creative way.

This application is a uniquely intuitive and effective learning tool for pre-schoolers, or children that need special assistance.

With a proven track record in schools across the globe in improving basic counting and writing skills, WRITING NUMBERS will also help you save money, as it's much cheaper than buying endless paper and crayons. Learners may experiment writing or even cheat and draw anything they wish without the expense of writing materials.

WRITING NUMBERS saves you money, saves the planet and will definitely help your learners develop their counting and writing skills all whilst having lots of fun.

A new option allows you to select between English, Spanish, French and Italian for counting so children may learn to count in different languages. An essential skill whilst on vacation for handling money, using a telephone for example!

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Writing Numbers
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