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Beast Boxing Turbo

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Goodhustle Studios, Inc.
license: Shareware
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Beast Boxing Turbo description
First-person Monster Boxing with Customizable Boxing Gear!

You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. She's outmuscled, undersized, and in way over her head. Can she master the skills needed to get to the top of the legendary boxing leagues of Beasthalla?


* Battle 12 zany boxing monsters
* Adapt to strong enemy AI
* Mix and match 35+ pieces of unique boxing gear
* Customize skills to your fighting style
* NewGame Plus for the masochistic

What People Are Saying:

* Best of 2012 - TruePCGaming
* "pleasantly unhinged, like a friendlier Zeno Clash" (Rock, Paper Shotgun)
* "With every punch thrown in your direction you really get a sense of the power, and the action is sublime." (Gamezebo)
* "Great boxing game. Better than I thought possible and very fun! Well worth double the price." (Mik3k)

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Beast Boxing Turbo
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    Mac OS X
downloads 9
price $4.99
version 1.1
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