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Birdy Bounce

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Birdy Bounce description

Now available for free for OS X and all iOS devices!

In Birdy Bounce, you are steering a young bird on its way up to the horizon by using your mouse, touchpad, keyboard or gamepad. Be warned, the way is dangerous and many birds before you fell to their death. Only the fittest will survive this dangerous travel - how far can you get?

The gameplay experience provides a vast amount of different platform types you can use to jump higher and higher. There will be breakable, moving or thorny platforms and even some that give you a turbo boost and some that vanish before your eyes when you aren't fast enough.

The levels of Birdy Bounce are generated by an intelligent level randomization algorithm which provides a new experience every time you start playing while avoiding impossible situations to keep the fun for a long time.

- easy to learn yet hard to master gameplay
- highly intelligent level creation algorithm
- both scripted and randomized level sequences
- special effects like powerups and turbo boosts
- massive amount of interesting platform types
- evolving world appearance the higher you get
- online leaderboards
- play with your mouse, touchpad, keyboard or gamepad

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Birdy Bounce
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    Mac OS X
downloads 6
price $0.99
version 2.1.2000
size in Kb 10,547
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