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Chronos Salvation

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Jesus Ros Verdu
license: Shareware
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Chronos Salvation description
Chronos Salvation will bring us to the year 2138, where our lives, even the planet in which we live, are faced with a serious problem. The ozone layer is being lost, and with it, the hope of human life on Earth. Scientists give an estimate of 15 years for the worst to happen. In addition, as we find ourselves in a very advanced age, our technology has also evolved and we have discovered a similar to our planet to ours which contains a mineral capable of generating ozone. It is our only hope.

In Chronos Salvation, you are one of the people chosen to go to that planet, extract the ore and return to Earth to save it from a terrifying end. The only problem is the time that it takes to go to the planet: 14 years, 11 months and 29 days, so time is running against you. You will have to collect the mineral as quickly as possible, without interruptions or mistakes. If you falter, the mission will fail.

Journey throughout the universe in search of the coveted mineral and return as soon as possible!


Based on the amazing Point and Click games
Lots of puzzles to solve
More than 25 scenes to discover
An incredible and interactive story that is orginal and unique

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Chronos Salvation
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