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City Mysteries - Fun Seek and Find Hidden Object Puzzles

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MPS Multimedia, Inc
license: Shareware
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City Mysteries - Fun Seek and Find Hidden Object Puzzles description

Alone in a strange city, you are surrounded by mysterious objects everywhere you turn. Can you recover all the lost items before time runs out? Search buildings, streets, landmarks and more as you seek and find hidden objects in New York, Paris, Moscow and London! Delve into detailed indoor and outdoor scenes filled with over 1000 carefully placed items, plus enjoy a challenging sliding tile puzzle for each city. As you unlock each new scene, you'll be drawn deeper into the hidden object hunt. Are you ready to travel the world with City Mysteries?

* Over 1000 hidden objects
* 2 playing modes, casual and timed
* Easy controls, evocative sound effects and immersive art
* Fun seek and find gameplay
* Includes bonus sliding tile puzzles

Travel the world with City Mysteries!

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City Mysteries - Fun Seek and Find Hidden Object Puzzles
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    Mac OS X
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