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City Sandbox

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Deirdre Liddle
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City Sandbox description
Construct your own towns and cities in this creative 2D building game! City Sandbox lets you develop awesome 2D societies, building-by-building, in any way you like!

Will you make a prosperous, modern city? Will you create a bizarre, playful world where people live in fish tanks? Perhaps you'd prefer to build a hobo village? Nothing is stopping you!

- Individually place and construct over 120+ structures and decorations for ultra customised city designs
- Experience disasters: earthquake, meteorite, riot, train derailment. Can you recover your city from the brink of collapse?
- Toy with bizarre novelty tools; why not drive a bathtub over the city, or inflate pedestrians into the sky?
- Classic mode adds the challenge of balancing 6 key elements: power, water, population, peace, mood and technology.
- Experience scenarios based on your city's rating, such as civil unrest.
- Sandbox mode lets creative and / or lazy types build without burden.
- Locally save and load up to three worlds for later play.
- Features three voiced tutorials to let you learn the basic game concept at a snap!

"This is a wonderfully immersive game that becomes addictive right from the start."

"(City Sandbox) is extremely in depth and a lot of fun."

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City Sandbox
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