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Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers

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important software information
company name:
Big Fish Games
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers description

Fiona is trying to forget her past by totally immersing herself in the world of gardening. Fiona is out to win the Finest Flowers competition and needs your help! Travel to Fionas home town of Beeville, and dive into the fiery competition in this fast-paced Time Management game. Grow gorgeous geraniums, terrific tulips, vibrant violets, and walk away with the grand prize in Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers!

- Fast-paced gameplay
- Unique upgrades
- Grow the Finest Flowers!

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Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers
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supported os's
    Mac OS X 10.4
downloads 24
version 1.0
size in Kb 123,802
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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