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Funky Smugglers

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company name:
11 bit studios s.a.
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Funky Smugglers description


Some of the things smugglers try to get through the airport are incredible. There's a spider in grandma's suitcase?! A racketeer is hiding a plunger?! Holy smoke! Luckily, you have an X-Ray scanner to check their clothes and luggage for wacky contraband. Enjoy a funky 70s-style soundtrack while keeping the airport safe from hammers, scissors, and other illegal goods.
Join huge Team Battles where you fight for high scores! Dive into challenging randomized missions! Use touch-pad to pick up multiple items and chain together combos! Earn in-game cash to spend on customization, new contraband, new smugglers and exciting upgrades!

Funky Smugglers features:
*An X-ray scanner that allows you to see what the smugglers don*t want you to see
*Original massive Team Battles and challenging single player missions
*The spirit of 70s brought with funky music tracks
*Outsmart shifty smugglers by grabbing the contraband - you can pick many items with one slide to make uber-multiple combos
*Boosts to power up your X-ray scanner
*Leaderboards, Achievements and Ranks based on your overall progress
*Quality design from Apple Design Award winning developer

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Funky Smugglers
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    Mac OS X
downloads 9
price $0.99
version 1.0
user rating 5/10
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