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important software information
company name:
Spiderweb Software, Inc.
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: System 8.1 or later, 30 MB free RAM
functional limitations:
Geneforge description
Geneforge is a fantasy role-playing game for Macintosh. Geneforge has a huge and open storyline. You have the freedom to choose your own path and decide how the story will turn out. Many dungeons, puzzles, characters, and factions to join. Geneforge features the ability to create your own army of lethal, totally obedient creatures and a cunning enemy AI with foes who can go on patrols, stalk you, and run for help. You have the freedom to choose your own path and decide how the story will turn out. You can fight the evil overlord, or you can join him. You can help the peasants, or you can torment them. You can be the bold hero, or you can just try to get away. No matter what you choose, Geneforge offers an enormous adventure with plenty of replay value

Geneforge is $25, or $32 with a hint book. Minimum system requirements: Macintosh running System 8.1 or later, 30 MB free RAM, 25 MB hard drive space, 800x600 screen resolution with 16 bit color. Geneforge is fully compatible with System OSX (under Classic mode).
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supported os's
    Mac OS 8.x
    Mac OS 9.x
    Mac OS X
downloads 123
price $25.00
version 1.0.1
size in Kb 11
user rating 7/10
our rating 5 Stars
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