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Implode 3D

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Oleksii Grechko
license: Shareware
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Implode 3D description
Yo-ho-ho! Merry Christmas everyone! *** Special Holiday Sale - 80% Off! Limited Time Offer. ***

Set up the explosives in such a way that concrete structures will collapse like a house of cards! Should you even wiggle your finger - a spectacular rattle of explosions takes place, creating an opera of destruction!

Implode 3D - filled with unusual locations, opportunities, and unique types of explosives and packed with lots of fun and excitement! Demonstrate your analytical skills to the full, calculate the plant sites of varied bombs and implode, implode, implode! It will be a pretty sight, challenging, and devilishly fun!

Game features

* 3D destruction - three-dimensional fun!
* Realistic physics - in reality this is exactly how everything flies up into the air.
* Stunning graphics, nice visual effects - for the demolition aesthetes
* 80 game levels, 4 unique locations.
* 4 different types of explosives - for the sophisticated and the inventive.


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Implode 3D
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