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X04 Studios Inc.
license: Freeware
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Keyboard & Aliens description
Master your Mac*s keyboard and have fun doing it. One of the great features of your Mac*s keyboard is that it lets you write symbols and special characters by typing certain key combinations. Keyboard & Aliens helps you memorize those key combinations so you can become more efficient at typing. You may even learn useful new symbols as you play. Have fun!

Main Features:

- Unlock everything your keyboard has to offer. Learn how to type symbols and special characters using your Mac*s keyboard and memorize useful key combinations.

- Set your own difficulty level. Keyboard & Aliens has three difficulty levels: Beginner, Expert and Master (unlocked when you finish the game on Expert). There*s also a practice mode so you can just warm up.

- New to typing? The Beginner level helps you memorize where the keys are on your keyboard by making you type letters, numbers and basic punctuation.

- Set the sound and music volume. If you prefer to listen to your own tunes while you play, you can adjust the game*s sound and music volume using the Preferences panel.

- Enjoy the full-screen experience. Last but not least, Keyboard & Aliens fully supports Mac OS X*s full-screen mode. Enjoy!

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Keyboard & Aliens
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    Mac OS X
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