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Lock 'n' Load

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Ganymede Sp z o.o.
license: Shareware
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Lock 'n' Load description

Once upon a time, there was an evil little girl whose goal was to conquer the worlda€¦now it' up to you to grab your gun and save the day. **The best iOs Story based Shooter is now available on the Mac Store!**Get ready to blow some crazed creeps away in Lock 'n' Load, a shooter packed to the brim with style and substance. Check out what the press are saying about Lock 'n' Load on iOs!"Gamers remotely interested in dual stick shooters owe it to themselves to check out this title." a€” TouchArcade, 4/5"...Lock na€™ Load is an easy choice for anyone that wants a solid, story driven game that packs a punch." a€” AppTudes, 4/5"...Ia€™d definitely say Lock na€™ Load is a worthy new shooter." a€” Appolicious"it is better than many games we have seen before." a€” 148Apps, 4.5/5"Violent, stupid, and soaked in horror movie in-jokes, Lock 'n' Load is a nicely packaged chunk of mindless fun." a€” Pocket Gamer, 8/10SERIOUSLY EPICœEnchased for your desktop with awesome complete new steering, more visual eye candy and incredible post processing shaders.œPlay it even in an impressive resolution!œJam-packed with 25 custom-made campaign levels and many more stuff to exploreœUse a variety of upgradable deadly weapons to mow down over 32 different enemy types!(Chainsaw and Zombies included!)œHere you got the full package!>Great Voice Acting>Awesome Visuals>Addictive Mini-Games>Enthralling StoryBasically every thing a great shooter needs!Visit us at

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Lock 'n' Load
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    Mac OS X
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version 1.1
user rating 5/10
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