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Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game

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Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game description

Genre: Role-Playing GamesAbout Lord of the Rings Trading Card GameWhile most card games have just one deck that never changes, a trading card game (or TCG) works differently. In a TCG, you personalize your playing deck using any of the hundreds of cards in the total set. A wide variety of cards lets you build a deck that reflects your playing style, as well as ensures that each game is different.In The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, each card represents a companion, minion, ally, possession, event or condition from the story. It is either a Fellowship card, meaning it represents something that will help the fellowship reach its goal, or a Shadow card, meaning it represents something that is intended to prevent the fellowship from reaching its goal.Once you ve built a deck, you sit down to play a turn-based strategy game with one or more opponents, re-enacting the same challenges that Frodo Baggins faced on his fateful quest to destroy the One Ring - elude Sauron s minions and the treachery of Saruman, while taking the Ring from Hobbiton to Mount Doom to be destroyed.

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