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gandreas software
license: Freeware
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m.o.t.e.s. description

A toy, not unlike one of those executive desk toys that features a mix of sparkly sand and water framed between two sheets glass. As you turn the frame, the sand falls through the water, making various patterns. Only instead of just sand and water, theres a half dozen basic elements, and a matching set of generators. And it wont make a mess if you accidentally knock it over and break the glass&

m.o.t.e.s. is a fun way to kill some time, relax, and watch the often hypnotic nature of interacting patterns. m.o.t.e.s. is actually based on the mathematic concept of cellular automaton so you can always claim your actually studying emergant behavior in cellular automatrons (and not just wasting time).

And if you get frustrated, you can twist the frame and turn it at an angle, or even turn it completely upside down!

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