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Math IQ Marathon

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Math IQ Marathon description
/* Some Users show concerns regarding user Interface of "Math IQ Marathon".For Them : Arithmetic signs are the corresponding keys on Keyboard like + for addition - for subtraction * for multiplication and / for division */

How sharp are you in Math? What is your Math IQ Level? you can find this all in "Math IQ Marathon".This App is designed for all age groups either a 10 years old school going or a graduate student.
The Objective of Math IQ Marathon is to fill unfilled boxes with appropriate numbers and operations such that they give the Answer Specified.Brown Wooden Boxes represent Numbers and Light Wooden Boxes represent Arithmetic Operations.Read the foot notes of each level before solving the puzzle.To aid the players of the game,we have also provided Hint Option.Every Hint page has incomplete Solution of Game.First you should Try to play,If you don't succeed then click "Hint" Button.In Short it is a "Math Sudoku"

With 30 Puzzles,interactive user interface,excellent graphics and tricky puzzles,Math IQ Marathon is best Math Drill you will ever see.

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Math IQ Marathon
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