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Mine Field Hex

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JSeuss Software
license: Freeware
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Mine Field Hex description

Welcome to the new dawn of minesweeper. If youve never played minesweeper before, the concept is simple. Tread carefully across the minefield until you reveal numbers underneath a grid tile. Each number represents how many mines are sitting right next to that tile.

Use the information wisely, and strategically flag known mines and clear away known empty squares to finally reveal or flag the entire board. Because this game is played on a hexagonal grid, every tile has 6 adjacent tiles requiring a new mental geometry to solve the puzzles.

Youll find many features including:
- Four different board sizes, and three different difficulties - Thats 12 different boards to defeat.
- 10 high scores saved for every different board size and difficulty
- Sound that can be turned on or off
- Settings are kept for the next time you use the App

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