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Cookie Recipes

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Zillion Wonderz
license: Shareware
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Cookie Recipes description

Everybody loves cookies. Is there anyone without a memory of their favorite fresh-from-the-oven cookies with milk?

With Cookie Recipes, you can bring back these great memories or create some new ones, and you will have over 200 delicious cookie recipes to chose from.

Whether for holiday treats or just to fill the cookie jar, you will find a cookie recipe that will fit the bill. From the old-fashioned, most requested to the newest and easiest bar cookies, this collection has it all!

Whatever kind of cookie you're looking for, you'll find it inside. Here are just a few of the delicious cookie recipes you will find:

A?E?* Almond Bonbons
A?E?* Animal Cookies
A?E?* Applesauce-Granola Cookies
A?E?* Banana-Nut Bars
A?E?* Black-Eyed Susans
A?E?* Brownie Crinkles
A?E?* Bumblebees
A?E?* Candy Corn Shortbread
A?E?* Caramel Apple Cookies
A?E?* Chocolate Drop Cookies
A?E?* Christmas Cookie Slices
A?E?* Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies
A?E?* Double Peanut Cookies
A?E?* Dream Bars
A?E?* Frosted Banana Bars
A?E?* Fudgy Layer Squares
A?E?* Giant Colorful Candy Cookies
A?E?* Lemon Cream Oat Bars
A?E?* Malted Milk Cookies
A?E?* No-Bake Honey-Oat Bars
A?E?* No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares
A?E?* Old-Fashioned Rum-Raisin Cookies
A?E?* and Many More!

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Cookie Recipes
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