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Friendly for Netflix

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Oecoway Inc.
license: Shareware
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Friendly for Netflix description
The ultimate Netflix app for your Mac. Play trailers for any movie on Netflix, check Rotten Tomatoes ratings, get notified when new movies are added to Netflix, customize your experience and watch Netflix the way you like it.

Play trailers for every movie on Netflix via

See Rotten Tomatoes ratings for every movie Netflix.

A soothing black theme for your Netflix.

Get notified when new movies get added to Netflix

Replace the obnoxious hover-scrolling with standard scrollbars.

** NOTE: You need a Netflix membership to fully enjoy this application. Please make sure Netflix is available in your country by going to To play Netflix movies, make sure you have Silverlight installed. **

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Friendly for Netflix
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    Mac OS X
downloads 12
price $4.99
version 1.3
user rating 5/10
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