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Instant Interactive Drills

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Instant Interactive
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Instant Interactive Drills description
About Instant Interactive DrillsProvides an interactive and graphically rich environment for students to learn their basic mathematic facts: addition; subtraction; multiplication; and division. Instant Interactive Drills offers personalized environments for up to 36 students. Each student can have their own personalized settings and scores. Instant Interactive Drills can be customized in numerous ways. For example, you can limit multiplication problems to 5-times facts. Or limit addition problems so their sum never exceeds 10. Many other customizations are available as well. Statistical analysis (Smart Drills) can be used to fine-tune drill problems for each student. Problems answered incorrectly will show up more often and problems answered correctly will show up less often. Speech can be used to really make things exciting. The computer can speak problems to you and you can speak the answers back! Speech can also be used to control all aspects of the user interface. If you have an internet connection, you can download new themes as they are made available. Themes allow you to control the appearance in how problems will be presented to you.Whats New in this Version- Fixes a problem experienced by a few users where the application would fail to load a required resource.
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    Mac OS X
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version 3.0.1
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