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INtex Collection vX

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INtex Publishing
license: Shareware
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INtex Collection vX description
Collection vX is the professional software for managing your collectables. No matter what you collect: * stamps * coins * toys * dolls * bears * stickers and pins * watches and clocks * glasses and bottles * books, magazines and comics * DVD, videos, CDs, games, software * models of ships, airplanes and tanks * plastic or tin figures * model houses and trains * or keep track of your inventory Features: * modern OS X like Tiger interface * full integration with Mac OS X features like Mail, Safari and iCal * full multimedia compliance with Quicktime and iPhoto integration * import and export in Excel XLS and ASCII format, pictures and videos in all more...Quicktime formats * full Filemaker 8 and 7 compatible, most modern and professional database * MS Office compatibility (import/export) * rich text editing with fonts, colors, alignments and much more, text formatting palette and ruler * integrated voice recording * categorization of items in collections and color labelling * QuickSearch with saved search values * sorting of data, visual rating and priorities * printing of item descriptions on printer, to PDF or faxing * ical appointments from notes * Lend items * Calculate values and profits * Maintain a wishlist * Keep track of what items you have sold * Unlimited number of additional fields * optional record locking prohibits deletion of records * Applescript support * URL and mailto links for Internet & communication integration WHAT'S NEWVersion 2.0.1: * Tabular interface re-arranged * Some interface enhancements * Bug elimination
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supported os's
    Mac OS X
downloads 4
price $19.00
version 2.0.1
size in Kb 17,818
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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