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Life Manager Pro Mac Version

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Lifefield Software
license: Shareware
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Life Manager Pro Mac Version description

Life Manager Pro is a unique implementation of the Getting Things Done approach to managing your life that will transform the way you lead your life.Life Manager Pro is your digital personal assistant that will make sure that you take back control of your life and get things done.Using Life Manager Pro as your digital organizer you will find that: You get more things done in a day. You free up valuable time. You always feel in control.A major cause of stress is feeling out of control in your life. With Life Manager Pro you will take back control and feel much more relaxed.Life Manager Pro is a program that runs on Windows or Mac systems. It consists of several modules that connect and relate to each other to from a comprehensive system to manage your life. * Module1: The Head Box - Capture, Clarify and Organize In this module you collect or capture all the various bits of information that are in your head. * Module 2: Vision - Do you have a vision for your life? Do you have principles and values on which you base your life? Do you have dreams and visions for your life? * Module 3: Goals - Most people have goals in their life, but few write them down. This module focuses your mind on what exactly your goals are. * Module 4: Projects - Track all your projects. * Module 5: Actions - Visions, dreams and goals are not completed by themselves. They all need actions, the steps that get you from where you are now to where you want to be. * Module 6: Contacts - The contacts module keeps a record of all your contacts and the actions that they have done to help you. * Module 7: Calendar - View your calendar by the month, week or day and quickly see details or all your meetings and appointments. * Module 8: Resources/Reference - To get things done requires resources and reference materials.

Task Management Software - Pim Software - Personal Organizer Software - Personal Organiser - Getting Things Done - Gtd Software
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    Mac OS X
downloads 5
price $49.00
version 4.0
size in Kb 33,587
user rating 5/10
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