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Magic Mind

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Magic Mind description

Stressed out? Trouble sleeping? Distracting sounds at work or school? Need a relaxing break from a busy day?

If your answered yes to any of those questions then Magic Mind is for you! Magic Mind is a professionally designed relaxation, stress relief, sleep support, meditation and mind training system, with 40 sessions of carefully selected nature sounds and superb quality ambient music.
How does it work?

Magic Mind uses isochronic tones, widely regarded as the superior brainwave tone. Isochronic tones pulse at specific frequencies, and stimulate the brain to help you achieve your desired mental state. Unlike binaural beats, isochronic tones work through headphones or speakers. The isochronic tones are integrated into the backgrounds of beautiful, soothing melodies. Listen to the peaceful music while the tones automatically do their magic in the background.

- 5 categories: Relaxation, Sleep, Meditation, Stress and Anxiety, Mind Training
- 40 sessions with dynamic isochronic tones
- 60 soothing ambient sounds
- 48 atmospheric music tracks (endless loops)
- Compatible with the new MacBook Pro with Retina display
- Separate volume controls for every sound
- Create customized sound mixes by combining ambient sounds together
- Intuitive interface
- Saved Soundscapes are synchronized using iCloud and wirelessly pushed to all your devices.

5 Categories With 40 Sessions

- Relaxation: a?™ Quick relax a?™ Tension relief a?™ Lunch break relax, a?™ After a busy day a?™ Relax before important event a?™ After high stress a?™ Before going to bed a?™ Deep evening relax

- Stress and Anxiety: a?™ Quick stress relief a?™ Workplace stress relief a?™ Anxiety reduction a?™ Anxiety reduction before sleep a?™ Reduce anxiety before taking a test a?™ After work stress reduction a?™ Deep stress relief

- Meditation: a?™ 7Hz Zen meditation a?™ Coffee break meditation a?™ Low-Alpha meditation a?™ Mid-Alpha meditation a?™ Theta meditation a?™ Delta meditation a?™ 7,83Hz Schumann rhythm meditation a?™ Deep Schumann rhythm meditation.

- Sleep: a?™ Short anti-insomnia session a?™ Sleep induction a?™ Mental workers sleep support a?™ Hyperactive people sleep induction a?™ Sleep induction for insomniacs a?™ Clear your mind and fall asleep a?™ Deep sleep induction

- Mind Training: a?™ Workout performance enhancer a?™ After-Workout recovery session a?™ Attention enhancer a?™ Mental workers support session a?™ Idea generation session a?™ Motivation enhancer a?™ Energy enhancer a?™ Creative tasks helper a?™ Concentration enhancer for studying a?™ Sensori-motor rhythm session.

60 Ambient Sounds

a?™Birds a?™ Piano a?™ Cat a?™ City a?™ Clock a?™ Crickets a?™ Dolphins a?™ Fire a?™ Forest a?™ Frogs a?™ Heart a?™ Monk a?™ Music box a?™ Night a?™ Rain a?™ River a?™ Space a?™ Submarine a?™ Thunder a?™ Train a?™ Cave a?™ Water a?™ Whale a?™ White noise a?™ Wind a?™ Wind Chimes a?™ Jungle a?™ Flute a?™ African night a?™ Howling wolf a?™ Sea lion a?™ City park a?™ Lakeside a?™A Shopping mall a?™ Industrial a?™ Nightingale a?™ Spring birds a?™ Crowd a?™ Oscillating fan a?™ Swamp a?™ Dripping water a?™ Owls a?™A Tropical forest a?™ Factory a?™A PC fan a?™ Vacuum cleaner a?™ Fan a?™ Pirate ship a?™ Waterfall a?™ Fridge a?™ Pneumatic drill a?™ Waves a?™ Hair dryer a?™ Rain on window a?™ High Voltage a?™ Harbor a?™ Running water a?™ Winter blizzard a?™ Highway a?™ School

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us at any time:

Healthcare Fitness - Magic Mind - Uab Rcs Lt
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Magic Mind
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