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My Best Log Home - Inspiration for everyone

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My Best Log Home - Inspiration for everyone description
* Living in a LOG HOME is an EXPERIENCE like none other.
* Log homes offer a UNIQUE and RUSTIC style of living with all of the amenities of a TRADITIONAL stick built home.
* EXCLUSIVE Log Houses, INTERIOR & Living Space Ideas, KITCHENS & Dinning Areas, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and MANY MORE!

Log home dreamers are those who love the idea of living in a log home but have not made the leap to actually doing anything about it. The dreaming likely started years ago, possibly sparked by some memorable experience...

In the past few years, the demand for the log house has been rising as a lot of people are turning to a more natural and eco-friendly way of living and use of building materials.

Log homes provide allergen free and a natural humidity environment to live in. When it comes to heating, they can be extremely energy efficient since wood keeps your house warm and cosy.

We picked representative 300+ photo selections and sorted into ten sections:

- Small Log Homes
- Large Log Houses
- Exclusive Log Houses
- Interior & Living Space
- Kitchen & Dinning Area
- Stairs & Open Space
- Bathrooms
- Bedrooms
- Exterior Details
- Fireplaces

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My Best Log Home - Inspiration for everyone
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