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My PaintBrush Pro

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eTinySoft Inc.
license: Shareware
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My PaintBrush Pro description
My PaintBrush Pro is the upgrade version of My PaintBrush . It is a professional paint-and-drawing application with multi-layers. Use the inspiring tools and more than 100 types brushes to create and save smooth images to your Mac!
*My PaintBrush Pro features highlights:****
* More than 100 types of High-quality Natural Brushes:
*A Brush: 25 types
*A Pencil : 6 types
*A Pen : 16 types
*A Airbrush : 11 types
*A Decoration : 25 types
*A Blur : 19 types
*A eraser: 4 types

* Adjustable Parameter of BrushesA
*A Transparency
*A Pressure-sensitive
*A Radius
*A Hardness

* Build up and manage multiple layers:
*A Merge or combine layers.**
*A Set the alpha value of individual layer.**
*A Customize the layer to be visible or not.**
*A Freely Change the order of layers.**
*A Delete unwanted layers.****
* Operations on each layer* *
*A Customized times undo/redo.**
* Flip horizontally and vertically.**
* Move selected zone. ****

* Familiar preset tools**
* Erasers, Fill tools, Colorpicker, Zoom In.**
* Straight lines, Curves, Rectangles, Rounded-rectangles, Ellipses.**
*A Text: customize font, size, color of text. **
* Palette: set the foreground and background color for tools.*
* Export to:**
*A MPB (contains layers information)*

*Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email:

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My PaintBrush Pro
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