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Jeffrey Struthers
license: Shareware
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MyWorld-DX description
Welcome to MyWorld-DX.

MyWorld-DX combines the features of a world atlas, a personal media organizer, and a great-circle path plotter. Use MyWorld-DX for:

* Locating U.S. states, Canadian provinces, countries and their capital cities, airline "Hub" cities, islands world-wide, plus other entities of particular interest to amateur radio operators:

* The MyWorld-DX "Lookup" drawer has built-in locators for the capital city of each U.S. state, Canadian province, and country and for major airline "Hub" cities. Locators are also provided for many islands and other entities on the amateur radio "DXCC" list.

* MyWorld-DX will display the appropriate global map and plot the great-circle path from your home location to a selected location, giving you the true perspective of where a distant place of interest is from your home.

* For amateur radio operators, MyWorld-DX displays the angular position of the path to a contact's location to help you select or position a directional antenna. MyWorld-DX's call-sign prefix search option allows you to instantly view the great-circle path and angle to any contact having that entity's assigned call-sign prefix.

* Linking media resources of all kinds with places and groups of places worldwide, such as:

* Associating photos, documents, websites, and other media resources with previous or future travel locations.

* Localizing information, such as information about distant customers, suppliers and market opportunities.

* Associating events, news and historical information with specific locations around the world, perhaps for an academic or business research project.

* Associating data with locations of particular interest to amateur operators, such as DX-pedition information, QSL reports, net member data, and communications traffic reports.

My World works visually, primarily by "point and click" and "drag and drop".

My World is document-based, so you can save it to a named file, for example:

* Each member of your family or amateur radio club might save their own copy of MyWorld-DX with their own personal lists of places and resources.

* You might save a copy for personal information and another for business information.

MyWorld-DX is an application for Apple desktop and laptop computers using OS X 10.8 or later. MyWorld-DX is an application for Apple desktop and laptop computers using OS X 10.8 or later. MRWorld-DX is intentionally global in its orientation and does not include "built-in" detail maps. However, a convenience feature is included to request through your internet browser a detail map for a selected place (if available).

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