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Personal Fitness

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Teacher Interactive Software
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Personal Fitness description

Personal Fitness is the software which allows to follow your own, or other's, sporting activities. All your performances, or the ones of your team, can be recorded.
By keeping track of personal data, like weight and height and performances, tables can be generated which will show the progress and the activity of each individual, computing also his BMI (Body Mass Index).

The software keeps track of the following items:

A?a‚¬A?date The date in which the activity is performed.
A?a‚¬A?performance The proper setting of this field allows you to get a correct analysis of your physical commitment which you can view on print and on a graph.
A?a‚¬A?time The duration in hours and minutes of the activity.
A?a‚¬A?miles The mileage on foot, running, cycling, etc.
A?a‚¬A?weight In addition to controlling your weight, this field is also used to calculate the BMI. Enter values in pounds (lb).
A?a‚¬A?BMI (Body Mass Index) This column provides a measure of body fat, based on height and weight that applies to adults, both male and female.

The BMI is a reliable indicator of total body fat, but has limitations: it can overestimate body fat in athletes or for people with a large muscle mass and also underestimates the body fat in older people or those who have lost muscle mass.

The Activity Distribution Pie reproduces, via a pie chart, a breakdown by type of activity of the total mileage or time spent. A dialog box lets you choose whether to limit the analysis to a precise period of time (if you enter the dates of beginning and end of the period) and which data to analyze (distance or time).

All the activities dedicated to fitness of you, of your family members or of your group or team can be kept under control and examined at any time.

It is possible to print, for each person, the total time and mileage for each type of activity, totals per person and global totals. A dialog box allows you to limit the report to a specific period of time (specifying the dates of beginning and end of the period).

*** NOTE *** This application has been DEEPLY TESTED by an Apple's dedicated team before being made available for sale. Applications that present bugs, that do not offer the features listed in the description and does not run on Mac OS X Lion are inexorably rejected.

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Personal Fitness
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