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Stride Files: The Square Murder

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Wales Interactive Limited
license: Shareware
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Stride Files: The Square Murder description

A great detective adventure in its own beautiful and mystical world.

In a big metropolis, called Harbridge, a seemingly everyday murder has happened. Knowing our love for solving mysteries, our friend Errol Chadwick, the chief inspector of the city*s police force, has called us to take over the investigation in this case. Again we are about to prove our skills and live up to the chief inspectors expectations... Aren't we?

Join Chief Inspector Errol Chadwich and pathologist Elizibeth Stride as you try to solve the mystery of two deaths at the Henson manor, the residence of the most well known family in the whole country. Some foul play is most definitely afoot and we need your detective skills to help to piece together the clues and solve the case!

*Intriguing detective adventure gameplay
*Beautiful traditional illustrated animation and artwork
*Atmospheric and magical soundtrack
*Unique character interaction with over 100 keywords to build every question imaginable
*50 interactive objects providing background information on your case
*Over 3 hours of spoken dialogue for 9 characters

Entertainment - Wales Interactive Limited - Stride Files The Square Murder
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Stride Files: The Square Murder
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