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Syderal View

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Syderal View description
"Syderal View" is a high quality horoscope design software.
It's been designed to get astrological information providing elementary data of a persons : Place and Date of birth.
It provides "tuning" capability to check influence of parameters when those parameters are not accurately known.
You can also see charts evolution running the time forward or backward and see how things change.
"Syderal View" provides a very large possibility of configurations : desgin, colors, sizes, etc... so that users can create a very personal result.
It provides the following results based upon Placidus system :
- Charts (asters placed on the sidereal crown)
- Ephemerides and domifications (asters in astrological houses)
- Aspects : relation between asters : conjunctions, oppositions, square, trine, etc...
- Shapes : specific milti-asters designs : kite, diamond, arrow, rectangle, etc....
- Houses : Ascendant, descendant imum-coeli and all other remaining houses*
- Synthesis : Dominant quality and Element
- Load & Save profiles

N.B. : Syderal View does not provide astrological analysis.

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Syderal View
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