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Travel - Route Planner

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Anton Remizov
license: Shareware
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Travel - Route Planner description
*** No. 1 Most Paid travel app in US Mac App Store ***


* Easy to use planning tool.
* View your travel plan on the map.
* Automatic time counter for car travels.
* Gas usage and other travel statistics.
* City notes.
* Helpful links for car rentals, plane tickets, hotels and entertainments.
* Supports Retina Graphics.

*Share Your Trips By Email Twitter or Facebook on Mac os 10.8*

Note From The Developer:

This is not a navigation or directions app.

This app helps you to plan your "several cities" trip, show you driving time and leave time so you can book a hotel on the arrival date, rent a car or buy airplane and train tickets.

I love to travel and i have created this app to help people plan their trips.

Sincerely, Antony Remizov.

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Travel - Route Planner
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