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Gfx Hotkeys

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company name:
Bill Kastanakis
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Gfx Hotkeys description

The ultimate toolbox for Visual Designers and Vfx Artists now available for OS X.
Gfx Hotkeys includes the application hotkeys for 51 applications used daily by graphics designers, photographers, architect, compositors, 3D animators, modellers, painters, colour graders, video editors etc.

Without this tool you often need to search the web, or dig into the manual to find the hotkey you are looking for. Gfx Hotkeys is constantly running in the background, and invoked with a single key press giving you access to all the hotkeys available in the application you are working. With 5 seconds you can find the keyboard shortcut you want, without breaking your workflow.


- Search through the hotkeys for any of the 51 included applications.
- Constantly running in the background, invoked with a single key press.
- Tracks the application you are using.
- Beautifully designed, uses colour themes inspired by the selected application.
- Minimal interface, focusing only in the features you need.
- Customisable. Define your own hotkeys and the most used applications.
- You can define up to 5 other applications to quickly switch with the any hotkeys you want.
- Includes the hotkeys for OS X, Windows and Linux.
- You can select any of the 51 included applications with a single key press.
- Lightweight with minimum memory footprint.

Gfx Hotkeys 1.0 Includes the full keyboard shortcut list for the applications below:

Adobe Photoshop* Extended CS5
Adobe Photoshop* CS6
Adobe Illustrator* CS5
Adobe Illustrator* CS6
Adobe InDesign* CS5
Adobe inDesign* CS6

Tools for 3D Artists:
Maxon Cinema 4D 11.5
Maxon Cinema 4D R12
Maxon Cinema 4D R14
Autodesk* 3ds Max* 2011
Autodesk* 3ds Max* 2013
Autodesk* Softimage* 2011
Autodesk* Maya* 2011
Autodesk* Maya 2012
Autodesk* Maya* 2013
E-on Software Vue 8.5
E-on Software Vue 9
Side Effects Software Houdini 11
Next Limit Technologies RealFlow
Luxology Modo 501

Tools for Digital Sculptors & Painters:
Autodesk* Mudbox* 2011
Autodesk* Mudbox 2012
Pixologica„? zBrush 3
Pixologica„? ZBrush* 4
The Foundry Mari

Tools for Grading
Apple* Color 1.5
Autodesk* Lustre* 2011
Autodesk* Lustre 2012
Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 9

Tools for Compositors:
Autodesk* Flame* 2011
Autodesk* Flame* 2013
eyeon Fusiona„? 6
Adobe After Effects* CS5
Adobe After Effects* CS6
The Foundry Nuke 6
Apple* Motiona„? 4
Tools for Editing & Finishing
Adobe Premiere* Pro CS5
Adobe Premiere* Pro CS6
Apple* Final Cut* 7
Apple* Final Cut* X
Autodesk* Smoke* 2011
Autodesk* Smoke* 2013
Avid* Media Composer* 5
Avid* Media Composer* 6.5

Tools for Tracking:
Imagineer Systems mocha 2
Andersson Technologies SynthEyesa„? 2008
The Pixel Farm* PFTrack 5

Tools for Architects & Visualization Artists
Autodesk* Revit* 2011

Tools for Photographers:
Apple* Aperturea„? 3
Adobe Lightroom* 3
Adobe Lightroom* 4

Reference - Gfx Hotkeys - Bill Kastanakis
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Gfx Hotkeys
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