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Life Balance for Macintosh

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company name:
Llamagraphics, Inc.
license: Commercial
minimum requirements: OS X 10.1.3 or higher, OR Mac OS 9.0 or higher with CarbonLib 1.5. 1024 x 768
functional limitations: After thirty days, important features will be disabled unless you have a valid License Code. If you purchase the License Code for the full version of Life Balance, all the data that you have entered during the 30 day trial period will still be availa
Life Balance for Macintosh description
Life Balance is coaching software that provides a dynamically ordered To Do List driven by the importance of your goals, your desired allocation of time and effort, and feedback from what you get done each day.

Some of the benefits of using Life Balance that set it apart from most to-do list software are:

The Outline keeps home, work and leisure tasks organized.
To Do List automatically sorts and filters tasks by importance, deadlines and location.
Pie charts provide immediate visual feedback on how you are spending your time and effort.
Unique "balance" feature adjusts the order of the To Do
List to keep you on track.
Dependencies keep later tasks off your To Do List until earlier required tasks are finished.
Lead times gently bring your attention to approaching deadlines.
Routine tasks can be scheduled either as calendar events
or by flexible interval.

Importance settings make it easy to reprioritize tasks or entire projects quickly.

Macintosh and Windows conduits provide complete two-way synchronization between the Desktop and Mobile editions.
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Life Balance is coaching software that provides a
dynamically ordered To Do List driven by the importance of
your goals, your desired allocation of time and effort,
and feedback from what you get done each day.

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Life Balance for Macintosh
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supported os's
    Mac OS 9.x
    Mac OS X
downloads 101
price $64.95
version 3.2.4
size in Kb 6,115
user rating 5/10
our rating 5 Stars
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