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Utah State Laws (UT Code)

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important software information
company name:
Nirmala T V
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Utah State Laws (UT Code) description

Utah Law - Is a complete list of all 92 Titles of Utah State Law on your Mac
Its easily readable, searchable, navigation from one section to other.A
Includes features like organized bookmarks, Print, E-Mail and much more.A

- Complete offline access - No need of Internet ConnectionA
- User defined texts & notesA
- Bookmarks with time stamp in a organized wayA
- Quick search of any text or content in entire law database.A
- Search highlightingA
- Emailing & Print of any articleA
- Suitable for all working / studying / interested in law enforcement or in filed of lawA

- This application is not an official or authoritative source.A
- All content provided on this application is for informational purposes only.A
- Please read the discliamer section in the Application before using it.

Reference - Nirmala T V - Utah State Laws Ut Code
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Utah State Laws (UT Code)
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