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AV for Live 9 100 - What's New In Live 9

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ASK Video
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AV for Live 9 100 - What's New In Live 9 description

Live 9 is here and so is our FREE What' New course. Hang out with GW Childs and see the cool new features in Ableton' latest DAW masterpiece...This course starts off with a detailed look at the browser and it' new, easier to use, well organized format. Then you get a tutorial on the Harmony To Midi function and see it in action... It' pretty cool! Learn the melody and drum Convert To Audio functions. Witness all the new MIDI Editing and Automation features. Yes, and now Live' got beautiful automation curves. Theya€™re gorgeous!Finally, GW builds a simple track (what do you expect for free?) to show you some of the new plugins like the amazing new Glue Compressor which is guaranteed to hold you tracks together no matter how loose they are!What' also cool is how all of Live 9's new features are designed to work together to help make you make better sounding tracks! So sit back and see What' New and then be sure to check out all of our ever-expanding library of Live 9 and Push courses as we continue to build the most comprehensive Ableton course library on the planet!Table of contents:1. Introduction2. Getting to know the Browser - Part 13. Getting to know the Browser - Part 24. Getting to know the Browser - Part 35. Consolidate Time to New Scene6. Prepare Scene for New Recording7. Convert Harmony to MIDI - Part 18. Convert Harmony to MIDI - Part 29. Session View Automation10. Convert Melody to Audio - Part 111. Convert Melody to Audio - Part 212. Convert Drums to Audio - Part 113. Convert Drums to Audio - Part 214. MIDI Stretch Markers15. Transpose MIDI Quickly16. Automation Breakpoints17. Automation Curves18. Building a Project - Drum & Bass19. Adding a Lead Sound20. The New Glue Compressor21. Adding Vocals22. Compressing the Vocals23. Conclusion

Music - Ask Video - Av For Live 9 100 - What S New In Live 9
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AV for Live 9 100 - What's New In Live 9
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